Male Striated Muscle Saves a Higher Risk of Tumors

One location that has a risk of getting tumors, both malignant and benign, is the striated muscle. Which includes the type of striated muscle is the heart muscle and skeletal muscle. Striated muscle is a muscle tissue that has a functional unit commonly called a sarcomere. The presence of sarcomeres in these muscles is seen in the form of a series of bands that are seen along the muscle fibers when observed under a microscope. Types of tumors in striated muscles Tumors derived from striated muscles consist of several types. To understand further, below are the types of tumors originating in striated muscle: Rabdomioma or benign striated muscle tumor Rabdomioma is a tumor derived from striated muscle and is benign. This is a very rare tumor. This type of tumor is divided into two main types, namely neoplastic and hamartoma. For neoplastic, it is divided again into three subtypes, namely adult type, fetal type, and genital type. For this type of hamartoma, benign tumors in th
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